Honda previews futuristic electric cars

Honda previews futuristic electric cars banner

John Blair Automotive    28th April 2023

What does the future of Honda hold? These three new models might give us a clue.

Honda has shown that its design and technology is about to make a huge leap in the future.

At the Shanghai motor show this month, the Japanese car maker unveiled three new electric SUVs: the e:NS1, e:NS2 and e:NP2. The model are so far only confirmed for the Chinese market, but clearly show Honda's future ethos.

The current pair are identical save for the colour of their charging port and grille: the Dongfeng-built e:NS1’s is body-coloured, whereas the GAC-built e:NP1’s is painted black.

The revision will more obviously distinguish the twin models by providing them with different front lighting signatures. The e:NS2 receives angular LED daytime running lights reminiscent of Peugeot models, while the e:NP2 features a design more closely resembling the new Honda Civic.

Both new cars will go on sale in early 2024, Honda has confirmed. Given that they will be launched in such close proximity to the e:NS1 and e:NP1, their mechanicals are unlikely to change substantially.

The official range of 500km (achieved on the Chinese CLTC cycle) could improve slightly, as could the two motor options’ power outputs of 135kW and 157kW.

However, the two models could inform changes to the e:Ny1 concept, which spearheads Honda’s electrification push in Europe, given that it too appears to be an HR-V-based EV.

The larger Honda e:N SUV concept will arrive in China later in 2024, ushering in a new generation for the brand’s Chinese EV offering and bringing AI-powered interior technologies.

This model isn’t expected to be sold in Europe or the US, as the e:Ny1 and Prologue concepts are slated to top Honda’s EV line-ups in those regions respectively.

Honda also displayed the e:N GT concept car on the show floor at Shanghai, but it doesn’t appear to have been changed since its unveiling last year. It’s planned to manifest a production car in 2025.

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