Why you should take your car to an independent service centre

Why you should take your car to an independent service centre banner

John Blair Automotive    15th March 2023

There are many reasons to keep your car up to date when it comes to servicing, and it's important to know that an independent service centre such as John Blair is authorised to do the work. And there are even more good reasons to choose us for servicing your car in Melbourne.

It is important to maintain any vehicle properly and that means visiting a dealer centre for every scheduled service interval. This will ensure your Honda, Toyota, Hyundai or other brand car remains reliable, safe, and runs well. Above that, there are further reasons you should visit a trusted service centre on time, such as ensuring any recalls are done on time and that you keep your car covered under warranty.

Trusted Melbourne Car Service Experts

John Blair Automotive has been operating since 1975. That’s almost 50 years of trusted car servicing to customers in Eastern Melbourne and the Greater Metro Region. And the team at John Blair do not just work on Honda vehicles, with expertise in all makes and models including Toyota, Hyundai, Mazda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, and more.

Our team of car servicing experts are professionally trained and understands the requirements of manufacturers to service a vehicle to its specific needs. Investment in ongoing training and the latest tools and technology keeps John Blair’s service centre up to date with the latest standards. We also have access to all of the information required from any manufacturer to service your car correctly.

Logbook Servicing

We are often asked: "Can a different service centre stamp my car’s logbook?" The answer is, yes!

The ACCC has confirmed that independent car service centres such as John Blair can perform scheduled servicing on other manufacturer cars, and it is mandated that information be shared with us that all repairs and servicing can be performed correctly.

Some of the regular tasks we carry out when servicing your car include changing the oil and filter, replacing all scheduled service items, checking under the bonnet and car, checking the car’s tyres and lights (safety check) and a road test and report.

At the end of your service with John Blair, we wash your vehicle and stamp the logbook in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements. Don't worry, we have it covered!

Having a Great Relationship with Your Service Centre

As a service centre that has been operating in Melbourne for over 45 years, we have a tremendous client base that is loyal and trusting because we look after our customers.

We have built our trust over the years and looking after our customers for servicing and repairs is our priority. Not only do we make sure out team correctly attends to you and your car’s needs, but we will complementary wash and vacuum your car so that it doesn't feel like it has been at a workshop but at the car wash. And we also have loan cars available for those who can’t be off the road. In fact, no matter the enquiry you have, please feel free to contact John Blair Automotive and ask us - we are here to service you!

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